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About ASR&E

Our Purpose

ASR&E exists to provide adults with opportunities to come together in  a welcoming environment for conversations that matter,  for away space to reflect,  pray, relax either  in small groups or for private "retreat" times.

Our Vision

We are a part of a great unfolding mystery,  seekers for purpose and meaning as we strive to become more conscious and aware of  deeper and fuller ways to live creatively and responsibly in this world.  In a time when change is rapid and constant we need spaces to slow down and consider our  lives, what really matters.  In this process  it is important that we discover companions in this great adventure called LIFE.

Our Invitation

We welcome adults  who desire to become more conscious and aware and who are open to a vision of spirituality that is wholistic, inclusive and respecting of differences - -  adults who remain students of life grounded in Holy Mystery.

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Adult Spiritual Renewal & Empowerment


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