Adult Spiritual Renewal & Empowerment


One day per week over four semesters.

Facilitated by
Richard Poole
Anne Luther

and taking place at Emmaus
South Bend, Indiana

deadline for application: June 15, 2011

We invite you to consider this experience of formation in spiritual companioning, a process based upon a model of adult learning stressing the actual experience of the interns.  Most basically theInternship is an ongoing experience of discernment.  We make no assumptions where each person will arrive.  Some may indeed find themselves engaged in the ministry of spiritual direction; some may be ministering in vocation or formation work.  Some may be continuing congregational, hospital, hospice or arish ministries or ministries within the broader church.  Some may find themselves involved in ministries in the neighborhood or the community-at-large.  Regardless of the eventual ministry or place in life in which each intern finds her/himself, the Internship can be valuable as we seek to“be with” other people, be that in the “official” relationship of spiritual direction or in any number of other ways.

In our time together we will focus on the stories of the individuals, i.e., on the collection of experiences of those participating.  We recognize and learn to better attend to the many levels of communication that are functioning within and between persons at any given moment.  We assist each other to listen ever more deeply, realizing that within any given experience lingers some revelation of the Divine, who indeed is the source of “direction” for our lives.

*For anyone wishing graduate credit and/or to obtain a master's degree in spirituality with concentration in spiritual direction, you may do so by registering with the Institute for Pastoral Studies, Loyola University Chicago.


You yourself are engaged in the experience of on-going spiritual direction, individual and/or group.

You demonstrate a capacity for reflection and responsiveness to the movement of the Divine in your life.

You have been approached in some way by others as a “listening companion".

You have a desire and capacity for being with others in a one-on-one relationship where the focus is the OTHER and the other persons’ experience.

You have considerable life experience, a willingness to reflect upon that in a group setting, have reached a reasonable level of maturity (usually 37 or older) and are well grounded in a faith tradition.

(Unless registering through Loyola University Chicago)


1.  A spiritual/psychological autobiography.  This need not be more than five typewritten pages - the idea being to reflect upon the significant movements in your life and how they have brought you to this moment.

2.  Three letters of recommendation from persons who know you well and who can speak to your potential as a spiritual companion.  We ask you to list the names of references on the attached application form so that we may contact them for a recommendation.  Be sure to let each reference knpe you have given us their name.  It is important that you include among your references at least oneperson who  has experience of you in your ministry and/or work.

3.  A personal statement of what you expect from the Internship and why you desire it at this time (one or two paragraphs will suffice)..

All application materials must reach us by June 15, 2011 if you wish to considered for the internship group beginning in Fall, 2011.   Following receipt of all your application requirements you will be contacted for a personal interview.
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